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—  Wine List  —

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White Wines


—  Champagne, JFJ Winery - California (187ml split)  —

This is a pale-colored sparkling wine that is filled with fruity aromas. Taste this sparkling wine with mingled flavors of apples, limes & pears.


—  Champagne, Moet & Chandon “Imperial” - France  —

Aromas of flowers and hazel nuts with a soft, fruity finish.


—  Chardonnay Foxhollow, California  —

This wine is smooth and creamy with vibrant fruit flavors. Tastes like a Chardonnay without the overbearing oak. Enough acidity to prop up the citrus and ripe pear nuances, finishing with a balanced floral edge.

$6 / $24


—  Chardonnay, Varvaglione “Primadonna” PUGLIA, ITALY  —

Golden color with a rich bouquet of spices and pineapple. Balanced acidity with a slight hint of butter. 3-4 months in oak. 

$10 / $32

—  Malvasia, Varvaglione “12 e Mezzo” - Puglia, Italy  —

This highly-scented with vanilla nuances wine originates from the combination of the Apulian sun and the white Malvasia del Salento grapes. Nuances of tropical fruits, honey and vanilla mix together. Its taste is intensely fresh and balanced. It has a good texture and it is harmonious and persistent. Its flavour is delicate and dry.

$8 / $30

—  Moscato, Ca Montebello - Lombardy, Italy  —

Straw yellow with golden reflections, the intense and fragrant floral aromas are marked with apricot and peach blossoms. A delicate persuasive sweetness.

$9 / $30


—  Villa Loren DOC Pinot Grigio Venezia - Vento, Italy  —

Intense aromas of citrus fruit a mellow, smooth finish on the palette. Elegant tropical flavors.

$6 / $24

—  Pinot Grigio, Ca Montebello - Lombardy, Italy  —

This favorite white wine has bright, straw yellow color. The aroma is reminiscent of peach and apple. The flavor is full and has good balance.

$10 / $32

—  Cala Nera Prosecco - Extra Dry - Veneto, Italy  —

Fruity with hints of ripe apple and pear. Delicate and elegant. Well balanced and persistent with a fruity after taste.

$7 / $30


—  Riesling, “William Vigne” Fulkerson - Finger Lakes, NY  —

Enveloping your nose are luscious hints of orange blossom, yellow plum and soft citrus. Minerality and white peach flavors with light citrus and tart apple.

$9 / $30

—  Sauvignon Blanc, Stingray Bay -Marlborough, New Zealand  —

Complex aromas of passion fruit, white peach, lemon zest and gooseberry which enhances the minerality. There is an immediate grapefruit presence carrying through with a good mid-palate texture that finishes with ripe acidity.

$8 / $29

—  White Zinfandel  —

This pink wine has floral aromas; flavors include peach, strawberry, and raspberry with a touch of sweetness.

$6 / $24


Red Wines


—  Amarone, Boscaini Carlo “S. Giorgio” DOCG - Valpolicella, Italy  —

Bursting with fresh fruit on the palate changing to a suggestion of cherry jam and spices with a hint of tobacco and ripe red fruits on the finish. Rich and well balanced, a match for robust dishes such as roast meats and stews, game and mature cheeses.


—  Brunello, Máté DOCG - Montalcino, Italy  —

A mix of cherry, currant, earth, leather and tobacco aromas and flavors course through this elegant Brunello, with firm, well-integrate tannins and a long, fresh finish.


—  Cabernet Sauvignon - Foxhollow, Ca  —

Rich and supple with juicy plum, blackberry and chocolate flavors; with a pleasant sense of sweetness backed up by good acidity and moderate tannins. This wine offers early complexity and charm with real richness and depth.

$6 / $24


—  Cabernet Sauvignon, Capo Zafferano- Veneto, Italy—

Ruby red color with violet highlights. Intense and fragrant bouquet with a rich variety of sensations. Pleasant, harmonic and velvety with a long, delicate finish.

$7 / $28

—  Cabernet Sauvignon - Albertoni, CA  —

This luxurious ruby-colored Cabernet Sauvignon is fruit forward with subtle aromas of boysenberry, raspberry and licorice. On the palate, this wine has a jammy body with a hint of lightly toasted oak and licorice, followed by a so, elegant finish.

$10 / $34

—  Chianti, Rigoletto DOCG - Tuscany, Italy  —

This full bodied Chianti displays lush notes of black currant, plum & raspberry matched by gentle tannins & a long finish. The stainless steel aging emphasizes the fruit and terroir.

$6 / $24


—  Chianti Classico, Cantine Guidi DOCG - Tuscany, Italy  —

Garnet red color. Intense concentrated bouquet with hints of spices. The taste is dry, full bodied, with soft, consistent and well-blended tannins of considerable persistence.

$12 / $36

—  Chianti Classico Riserva Opera “Otello” DOCG - Tuscany, Italy  —

Intense and bold with an aroma of cedar and ripe cherries. Complex flavors with an old world finish. Dry on the palate with balanced tannins. 24 months in oak.


—  Malbec Don Genero - Mendoza, Argentina  —

Violet color, with shades of blue, intense aromas that highlight the varietal typicality, among them we find, aromas of plums, cherries, and a floral profile highlighting violets. In the mouth, balanced tannins, soft, very round with good structure, fresh and persistent.

$8 / $29


—  Merlot, Impero - Veneto, Italy  —

Intense, slightly grassy, full and fragrant. Good body, excellent tannin balance, dry and pleasant.

$7 / $26

—  Merlot, Villa Marin - Veneto, Italy  —

This ruby-colored wine has aromas of raspberry, cherry and a hint of vanilla. Flavors of cherry and plum lead to a soft velvety finish.

$7 / $ 28


100% Montepulciano. Reliable, mediumbodied with lots of red cherry and soft, subtle tannins.

$7 / $26


—  Syrah, GV cellars - solano country green valley, ca  —

Rich Aromas and viscus legs on the glass pull you into this wine to discover is luscious fruit structure and rounded tannins.  Red raspberry on the front of your palate leads to a finish of dark cherry, blackberries and oak.  This complex Syrah represents our unique terrior in Green Valley

$9 / $34

—  Chianti, Cantine Guidi DOCG - Tuscany, Italy  —

This earthy wine opens with aromas of wild red berry, wet soil and a gamey note. The vibrant palate offers juicy black cherry while touches on cinnamon, dried herb and orange zest add interest. Loads of black cherry in the flavor with a velvety, smooth finish.

$8 / $30

—  Pinot Noir, Grand Cru Vineyards - Ca  —

Juicy and smooth, aromas of dried cherries and honey, tangy flavor, slightly dry yet fruity.

$6 / $24


—  Pinot Nero (Noir), Ca Montebello - Lombardy, Italy  —

Brilliant wine from the Oltrepo’ region of Lombardy. To the nose it is of great elegance, intense, clean, with the unmistakable scent of dried flowers and spice.

$10 / $32

—  Pinot Noir, Argus - Napa Valley, Carneros, CA  —

This ruby-colored wine has aromas of raspberry, cherry and a hint of vanilla. Flavors of cherry and plum lead to a soft velvety finish.


—  Primitivo, Varvaglione “12 e Mezzo” - Puglia, Italy  —

This wine has an elegant ruby-red color and its intense smell has fruity nuances of ripe plums, cherries jam and a touch of cocoa. Also, it is slightly aromatic with a finish of vanilla. Good in texture, this wine is soft and rich in mature tannins.

$8 / $30


—  Sangiovese, IMPERO - Emilia - Romagna, Italy  —

A well made, fruity and straightforward Sangiovese. Plum fruit and soft cherry, with a savory side to the palate

$7 / $26

—  Sangue di Giuda, Ca Montebello - Lombardy, Italy  —

Red sweet, slightly sparkling wine produced in Northern Italy. Charged ruby red color with violet reflections. To the nose, it is refined, pungent, and clean denoting the fragrance of fresh fruit, amply spiced and pleasantly floral. This wine is full bodied, soft and balanced with a lingering persistence.

$9 / $30

—  Ripasso Classico Superiore, Boscaini Carlo “Zane” DOC - Valpolicella, Italy  —

Delicate flavor of red berry fruits with a hint of spices on the nose. It has a soft and wellrounded finish on the palate. 18 months in Slovenian oak.



—  Cascina d'Or Barolo Piedmont —

Brilliant Color of zesty garnet red with a Rich and spicy perfume. The flavor carries ripe cherry and is pleasant for its smoothness.

$89 (by the bottle only)


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Bud Lite, Yeingling, Peroni, Sam Adams Seasonal, Blue Moon, Coors Lite, Miller Lite, Killians

Domestic $3.50, Premium $4.50

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Budweiswer, Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Corona, O’Doull’s

Domestic $3.50, Premium $4.50


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