Imagine an authentic Italian Restaurant located in the heart of Brownwood.  A neighborhood Restaurant that brings a little bit of Italy here to you.  As you enter the establishment you are greeted with a “buon giorno” by a man behind the counter with a thick accent and a friendliness that is commonplace in Southern Italy.  There is a coziness about this particular Restaurant as you observe the family friendly atmosphere created by architecture, layout, and detail in its decor.  As you take your seat, you are greeted by a server that is genuinely glad that you came.  At this time, you know that you’ve finally found that true Italian Restaurant that you’ve been looking for; an authentic Italian Restaurant that, until now, you’ve only heard about from your friends from New England.  And you’ve found it less than a few blocks away from your home in The Villages.  Before you leave, the owner stops by your table.  You soon learn that Ricciard’s Italian Table is owned and operated by the same family that brought Central Florida Pizzeria Valdiano.  You give a sigh of relief as a smile appears on your face.  “I should have guessed it from the beginning” you say to yourself.  Many others will say the same.

We hope that we were able to create for you some of the look, feel, and atmosphere that will be present in Ricciardi’s Italian Table.  Many Italian Restaurants are very much the same.  Similar menu, price, hours, and concept, but the one thing that will set Ricciardi’s apart is the family behind the restaurant.  As you browse our website and menu you will see the authenticity, quality, reputation, and experience that we bring to The Villages.

The 3 gentlemen responsible for this project are Orlando locals.  Their experience and reputation in Central Florida speak for themselves. All have opened and operated successful businesses in Orlando starting from the ground up.  Below is a brief introduction.
Michael Liguori - Michael (Pops) has over 30 years of professional experience in all areas of the restaurant business, specializing in Pizzerias and Italian cuisine.  From line cook, to manager, to owner, to operations and management consulting, Michael has a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in the food service industry.  Michael has opened, owned, and operated 10 successful Italian restaurants throughout his career, 8 of which are local favorites in Central Florida.



Joe Liguori - Joe, son of Michael, was literally "born and raised" in the restaurant business.  He is a 2nd generation entrepreneur and has been very successful combining his personal experience with his educational background.  Knowledgeable in all areas of the business from back office responsibilities, to management concerns, to food preparation.  Joe's expertise lies in creating, developing, and running a successful food service business. He is the creator of the Ricciardi’s Italian Table and Pizzeria Valdiano and concepts.   Joe brings with him a Management Degree from UCF and his personal experience of owning and operating 4 Pizzeria Valdiano restaurants throughout Central Florida.




Douglas Maniscalco
- Loyal friend and trusted business partner. Doug is the current Managing Partner of Maniscalco and Allen, CPA located in Lake Mary, FL.  As a UCF Alumnus as well, Doug also has his roots firmly planted in Central Florida.  Doug has been involved with the Liguori family in a professional relationship since 1988.

Size and Layout:
Ricciardi’s Italian Table is roughly 7,000 square feet.  5,000 inside with a 2,000 sq ft patio.  There will be indoor seating for approximately 170 persons and additional outdoor seating for 80.  Ricciardi’s will be furnished with booths along the dining room walls and tables placed throughout with an impressive indoor and outdoor bar that compliments the Italian Table theme.  Ricciardi’s will be detailed with granite countertops, Italian porcelain tile, custom seating and furnishings, decorative ceiling and custom wine displays placed throughout.  Upon entry there is an open kitchen so the customers can appreciate the professionalism, cleanliness, efficiency, and entertainment of our kitchen staff.  Most visible will be the brick ovens, which will serve as the centerpiece of our open kitchen.
As you dine in, Ricciardi’s will give you an authentic “Italian” feel.  The dining space will be large enough to give our customers their space, yet cozy enough to make them feel at home.  The décor and set up is classier than your average Italian Restaurant.  High barrel ceilings, detailed interior, and a mix of Sinatra, Boccelli, and Zucchero on the radio help define the setting.  Ricciardi’s can best be described as a casual Italian Restaurant offering a fun, family-friendly environment for all people.  Ricciardi’s is a place that anyone can come in, enjoy a wonderful meal, and have a great time.   
We are a REAL Italian Restaurant in every aspect (set up, display, creativity).  Everything is made from scratch.  We make our own dough, sauces, lasagna, meatballs, eggplant, focaccia, dressings, etc and we are very proud of it.  The staff is friendly and “high energy” who truly take pride in our product.  We use only the finest ingredients flours, olive oils, tomatoes for sauces, and the best Italian cheeses that money can buy.